acoustic glass partitions

The importance of the COMPLETE Acoustic Glass Partition System

Noise is a major distraction, and it can demotivate your employees, devalue property and be an ongoing nuisance that impacts productivity. It can also make spaces less attractive, sending customers elsewhere with their business.

An even bigger concern is investing in a wonderful office space for your employees and receiving a product that does not perform as specified!

We would like to touch on the importance of not just having ACOUSTIC GLASS, but on having the complete ACOUSTIC SYSTEM that can provide the QUIET or CONFIDENTIAL ROOM as required and a definite benefit is, it is manufactured locally in South Africa!

acoustic glass partitions

A very effective but drastic way to create an acoustic space is to build a room within a room. Less invasive choices include acoustic glass with the correct acoustic framing and an effective acoustic door. As everybody is aware, sound, like water, finds the easiest path to penetrate and ‘flow’ through.

Sound and Light are not opposites

This is often the big barrier: you want a space where the sound is harmonic, but you don’t want to sacrifice natural light. Yet glass and its surroundings, are very good at letting sound through.

This is true for standard glass framed systems, but not for an acoustically treated system. For example, having a system like the GF Serene Range, sound is managed without losing any light in the process.

acoustic glass partitions

Importance of the Acoustic System (not just the glass)

The three most important elements when creating a QUIET room are:

  1. the correct glass specification,
  2. an engineered frame with correct seals to avoid any sound flow and
  3. the best acoustic door.

Aluglass Bautech will verify the specified acoustic rating with our GF Serene System installed with our Varikust® acoustic door, which can be finished in wood or glass!

The most sound-resilient glass in the world is useless if the frame and door does not do its job as well. Aluglass Bautech innovates with the use of engineered aluminium frames, seals and doors specially designed to enhance acoustic properties.

The point is: if someone is trying to sell just acoustic glass to you, cut to fit existing frames and a frameless glass door, you will be wasting your money. Cut corners and you won’t hear any improvement.

Aluglass Bautech’s acoustic solutions have been applied to most of South Africa’s biggest and most prominent offices, banks, and conference facilities.

acoustic glazing

Acoustic glass with the appropriate engineered framing, can also be used as see-through acoustic separations for audio visual rooms, recording studios or creating meeting booths.

It is also possible to have movable or mobile acoustic glass partitions, so a space’s acoustics can be reconfigured easily. Acoustic glass solutions are very trendy, attractive, and modern in any building.

acoustic glass partition

You do not need to make a choice between good light and good sound, nor will you find your options for acoustic glass solutions to be limited. Aluglass Bautech’s acoustic products complement each other, so you can integrate acoustic glass system with acoustic doors to design a truly dynamic sound space for your premises.

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