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What Products Are Needed When Building or Renovating a Home?

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Building a new home or renovating means you need to make some tough decisions. “What should my home look like?” or “Where do I get what I want?” Choosing the finishes for your home is the most fun part! This is the opportunity to make the home truly yours. The best part of choosing finishes for your home is that you can be as creative or conservative as you wish—it all depends on your personal style, and how you want to live in your home. Aluglass Bautech would like to offer YOU some exclusive home product solutions for outdoors and indoors!

Sunflex frameless patio enclosures presents the most diverse possibilities to create maximum living spaces and to enhance their usefulness significantly. SUNFLEX is a globally recognised manufacturer and is a leading provider across the world. The SUNFLEX systems are being used in many areas of daily life, for example as Glazed Folding Doors, Terrace and Conservatory Glazing, Balcony and Facade Glazing, Store Entrances, Room Dividers and Dividing Walls.

Sunflex frameless patio enclosure

Solamark® fabric awnings allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even more. Our retractable Solamark® awnings provide shade from the harsh African sun over patios, decks, and other outdoor living areas. Optional automatic control units give you the convenience to extend and retract your awnings, depending on weather conditions. Our Solamark® fixed awnings are perfect for doorways and windows. If you are renovating, why not recover an existing awning to make it look like new!

Solux® blinds are the ideal solution for various internal and external applications for every home. Internal Roller Blinds are simple, stylish and easy to operate. The blind can be rolled up or down to achieve the required level of shading.  External Roller Blinds are the modern alternative for your patio. The hi-tech fabrics manage heat and glare on your patio while maintaining the view. They will allow you maximum use of your external entertainment areas by stopping heat and glare and providing a degree of weather protection while maintaining your view.

Showerflex® shower doors lend elegance and style to today’s modern bathroom. The look and feel they give to your bathroom are of superiority, openness and exclusivity, through frameless or semi-frameless designs. Since 1994 Aluglass Bautech® has designed, manufactured, supplied and installed Showerflex® shower doors, using best imported hardware and quality workmanship. Being associated with SASEMA (South Africa Shower Enclosure Manufacturers Association), we conform to prescribed safety standards and manufacturing specifications.

frameless shower door

Glass bricks provide balance, be it for privacy and natural light. Our stylish glass bricks make the building of a ‘greener’ tomorrow start today. A combination of energy saving, fire resistance, safety, insulation, privacy and design give the best solution for any exterior facade or interior separation wall. A wide range of of imported glass bricks to choose from.

glass bricks

Varifold® wooden folding doors are ideal space savers for residential applications. Used as room dividers, serving hatches and as cupboard or bathroom doors. No floor track is required, allowing for uninterrupted floor finish. A wide range of natural wood veneers and melawoods are available to suit your décor and design.

Our products combine beauty and functionality with style and personal needs. Our customers have a single point of contact for their specific customised solutions. A beautiful space that you reside in, is a reflection and extension of you, what you are and what you love!

Contact us today, so we can help you create YOUR beautiful home.

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