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5 benefits of fabric awnings…maybe one or two you did not think of yet!

For years homeowners have installed awnings and since it’s humble beginnings, it has undergone a dramatic transformation to ensure that its functionality does not compromise on style and design.

From the retractable awning to the various different styles, there are many options and benefits.

1.Transform your outside area

When the additional entertainment space is required, the awning is extended and it allows for extra sun protection and a thermal comfort to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. When you are finished entertaining outdoors, you can simply retract the awning and allow more sunlight to enter your home and even have a better view of your garden from the inside.

2. Awnings can add value to your home

Placing awnings over a patio area or around your home creates more liveable space- and consequently increases your value of your home. They bring more appeal to homeowners that want an outdoor space to relax and enjoy the warm, sunny weather, without the worry of the direct sun.

3. Awnings can reduce energy costs – in summer and winter!

Awnings that are installed over windows and doors, will reduce the amount of direct sun rays and heat, which will save you cooling costs in summer. If you choose retractable awnings, your savings can go even further. These awnings can be drawn in, which in turn allows the sun to assist in warming your home during the winter months, thus reducing heating costs!

fabric awning

4. Protect your home from the sun’s UV rays

Installing awnings can protect your outdoor space from the weather, prolonging the longevity of your outdoor furniture by preventing exposure to direct sun. Awnings will also help to protect your indoor floors, carpets and furniture from fading by preventing the direct exposure of UV rays.

5. You can recover your Fabric Awning!

Do you already have an awning and it has started to look its age? Have you have changed your décor of your home? You can get your existing awning recovered and make it look like new. There is a wide range of fabric options for you to choose from: plain or striped fabrics, to semi-transparent fabrics – in just about every colour you can imagine. This would be the perfect opportunity for something new and fresh!

Enhance your outdoor space and enjoy the flexibility and benefits of awnings. For your ideal and customised sun control solution, Contact Us Today!

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