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Project: Sky Rink Studios

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On a film or television studio set, acoustics are a crucial element for the quality of results. You need to control noise from outside and from other rooms, it is essential to improve sound quality, meaning you need to address the issues of reverberated sound and prevent echo’s.

Aluglass Bautech was excited to have been a part of this cutting-edge project, from designing, manufacturing to installing ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTIONS for the television and film studio: Sky Rink Studios.

For this space that requires various acoustic treatments Varikust® Acoustic Doors and Variflex®Mobile Acoustic Partition System with integrated Absorption Panels were installed to optimise the film studio acoustic environment.

12 HUGE VK105 Varikust® acoustic doors ( 8 x 2500mm x 3500mm and 4 x 2900mm x 3500mm) plus another 2 VK105 (1800mm x 2200mm) finished in black Melawood were installed, complementing the desired environment in conjunction to the sound solution. In addition, 32 smaller VK62 Varikust® doors were installed.

The Variflex® system (operable walls) allows a room to be subdivided so that two or more areas can be used simultaneously, allowing for optimal shooting times or to allow a number of recordings to take place. 2 VX164 with a length of 24 meters and a height of 4 meters, have individual elements that are sturdy and once locked and sealed into place, have a sound insulation of 51dB. Absorption panels were integrated into the finish of the elements to optimise the sound absorption. When the full-sized room is required, the top-hung elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly to one side – requiring no floor tracks.

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