acoustic partition system

Project: CTICC (Cape Town Convention Centre)

Product specified:

Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system (operable walls)

approx. 370m of VX164 50dB double suspension

Finishes include:

            • Formica internally and Marine Ply for the external face,
            • Formica/Melawood with Fabricmate Absorption Panels
            • or Maple veneer with integrated laser cut Absorption Panels.

“The CTICC is the leading venue for conferences, exhibitions and business events on the African continent. The CTICC boasts two state-of-the-art buildings, CTICC 1 & 2. Facilities include 21 400m2 of multipurpose conference and exhibition space; two raked auditoria seating 1 516 and 612 delegates respectively; two terrace rooms for up to 330 and 450 delegates; 47 breakout rooms accommodating between 20 and 370 delegates and versatile banqueting rooms including a 2 000m2 grand ballroom.

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Aluglass Bautech is extremely proud to be the preferred designer, manufacture and installers of the Variflex® mobile acoustic partition systems for the CTICC 1 & 2 to enjoy the flexibility of successfully hosting diverse events since 2003.

acoustic partition system
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Various Variflex® mobile acoustic partition systems were specified and installed since 2003:

  • VX164 50dB finished with painted MDF or maple veneer (including integrated absorption panels)- 185 individual elements at 9 meters in height and 21 elements at 8.5meters where installed.
  • 204 VX110 45dB elements at 4 meters in height finished in maple veneer with integrated absorption panels was installed too.

CTICC expanded (CTICC 2) and Aluglass Bautech was honoured to have installed more Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions:

  • 64 meters VX164 50dB were installed as Vehicle Access entrances finished with Formica on the internal side and Marine Ply for the external side.
  • On level 2 of the Convention Centre 198m of our VX164 was installed. The heights of the elements were 7m.
  • On the ground floor 108 meters of the VX164 were installed with a height of over 9 meters. The finishes included either Formica with Fabricmate Absorption Panels or Maple veneer with integrated laser cut absorption panels.
  • 38 pass doors (900mm x 2400mm) were included in the above mentioned partitions with a panic bar system.

We are very happy to share our 50 years experience and expertise for your convention centre or meeting room facilities.

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