acoustic glass

Project: Hill on Empire – Parktown (Tiso Blackstar Group)

Product specified:

  • Glassflex® Acoustic Window
            • 48dB 1300mm high x 4800mm wide 16.76mm glazing, framed finished in black powder coating
  • Varikust® VK62G
            • 44dB single acoustic door (2432mmx 877mm)
            • 44dB double acoustic door (2600mm x 1564mm)
            • 48dB double door (2432mm x 1564mm) finished MDF with Plascon paint
            • 48dB single door (2432mm x 877mm) finished MDF with Plascon paint
  • Glassflex® GF Serene
            • 45dB 2400mmx3826mm-  demountable and re-locatable with 22.76mm acoustic glass partitioning
Tiso Blackstar Group is a global company with its roots in Africa, operating market-leading media, broadcast and retail marketing properties. (courtesy of

A range of ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTIONS were installed at Tiso Blackstar Group at the ‘Hill on Empire’ in Parktown by Aluglass Bautech.

acoustic treatement

A Glassflex® acoustic window with a width of 4.8m x 1.3m in height was installed in the control room. To achieve a 48dB acoustic rating, 16.76mm thick glazing was used.  The frame is finished in black powder coating.

To optimise the SOUND SOLUTION and keep noise from the outside out, 4 various sized Varikust® acoustic doors, ranging from single to double doors, finished in glass or painted MDF, were designed and installed too. The VK62G (glass) has an acoustic insulation of 44dB and the VK105 48dB.

A 3.8m x 2.4m high GF Serene acoustic demountable and re-locatable partition system was installed to create quiet spaces within an open-plan application. This versatile system is quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. By using 1200mm modular panels with extra make-up panels, the system can be relocated in a new position. The framing system can accommodate cable installations, if required. To achieve a 45dB acoustic rating, 22.76mm thick acoustic glass was used.

Remember any space that is broadcasting live or even records, needs to make sure that the sound and voice clarity is great and that there are no background noises.

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