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Project: Radisson Red Rosebank

Product specified:

  • GF Serene 35dB demountable acoustic glass partitions with a height of 2800 mm high and a width of 9450 mm finished with glass and black Melawood
  • Variflex® VX83 mobile acoustic partition system 49dB 2800 mm high x 5665 mm wide finished with magnetic white board on the upper part and Vulcan screen fabric on the lower part of the individual elements.

Located near a variety of international and local corporate headquarters, the Radisson RED Johannesburg Rosebank is the perfect spot for your next professional meeting or event. It’s also an excellent venue for private occasions and conveniently close to the Sandton Convention Centre. Ask us about our six event studios, ranging from 23 to 63 square meters, 49 square meter conference room, or our 71 square meter meeting space. (courtesy of

Aluglass Bautech is so proud to have installed a range of ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTIONS at the Radisson Red Rosebank.

Over 9 meters of GF Serene acoustic de-mountable partition systems were installed. This is the ideal acoustic internal glass partitions system, to create quiet spaces as meeting room areas. 35dB were specified finished in black Melawood. This versatile system is quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. By using 1200mm modular panels with extra make-up panels, the system can be relocated in a new position.

A 5.6 meter wide Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system was also installed and this practical system permits flexible room layouts and subdivides the area while allowing privacy in each room. If the complete area is required, the individual top-hung elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly to one side as seen below in the drawing. The individual elements are finished with a magnetic white board on the upper part and Vulcan screen fabric on the lower part.

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