Varikustn at hotel

Project: Marriott Hotel Ghana

Product specified:

Aluglass Bautech is proud to be associated with the Marriott Hotel in Ghana.

“Accra Marriott Hotel has exceptional event and conference facilities with state of art technology, inclusive of outdoor space, basically a must have If you’re planning an event in Accra.”


The Variflex® system allows conference rooms to be subdivided so that two or more areas can be used simultaneously, allowing for varied sized meeting or conventions. Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system (operable walls) has individual elements that are sturdy and once locked and sealed into place, have a sound insulation of 51dB. When the full-sized room is required, the top-hung elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly to one side – requiring no floor tracks.

Various Varikust® acoustic doors were installed for numerous applications in the hotel.  The beautiful entrance doors make a huge statement finished in crown mahogany. Varikust® acoustic doors are essential for keeping the noise from the outside or corridor to the minimum.

The combination of Variflex® and Varikust® give a SOUND SOLUTION to any conference hall or facility in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today for your requirements!

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