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ACOUSTIC🔥FIRE DOOR – Where do we need them? Part 2

Covering most commercial applications like Conference Facilities, Auditoria and Meeting Room Venues, Office buildings and Hotels / Apartments / Flats, in our previous blog “ACOUSTIC FIRE DOOR – Where do we need them? Part 1”, we would like to make you aware of other areas that where acoustic fire doors would be beneficial for safety and acoustics!

  • Hospitals, Clinics or any Healthcare facility

A Fire Door is also a critical safety feature in any healthcare facility! As frequently mentioned, these doors prevent or delay the spread of fire and smoke, while maximising the time available for egress, to allow occupants to evacuate to a place of safety.  

Acoustics is always a contentious issue in hospitals and clinics. Specific acoustical considerations in all areas include supporting patient wellbeing and privacy; supporting communication among staff; and meeting standards and regulations.

ACOUSTIC FIRE DOORS can be used as a room entrance door, as emergency exit doors or for an X-Ray room with lead lining. Again, not only protecting the lives of your patients, staff and your valuable equipment, but allowing for a peaceful and quiet environment.

  • Recording and Film studios

Recording and Film Studios have loads of expensive and valuable equipment.  Fire doors will help protect those valuables. These studios also require the best high-performance sound insulation, in order to allow for undisturbed and uninterrupted recordings. This calls for an acoustic door. Combining the need to protect your valuables and sound insulation, an ACOUSTIC FIRE DOOR gives the best of both worlds.

  • Plant and Control Rooms

Plant and control rooms, in which power distribution equipment, control systems, security systems and IT infrastructure are accommodated, are risk areas that need to be especially protected, particularly to fire safety. Having these in a manufacturing environment will also call for a noise reduction, so people can focus on their work. Again, an ACOUSTIC FIRE DOOR is essential to combine the safety and acoustic needs in these rooms.

  • Residential homes

Unfortunately, loadshedding in South Africa has become a frequent occurrence. Many home owners have therefore invested in generators, especially now with many people still working from home. These generators are a huge contributor to noise pollution! Having them in a dedicated room helps a bit, but having an ACOUSTIC FIRE DOOR as an entrance door to the generator room, cannot only protect you in case of a fire, but also decreases the noise to the outside.


As summarised above, there are many areas an ACOUSTIC FIRE DOOR is not just a nice-to-have!

Contact us with your specific needs and we shall find the best solution to help you.

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