auditorium acoustics

Project: Exxaro (Growthpoint Properties – The Connexxion)

Project Architect:      AMA Architects

Product specified:

Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system (operable walls)

  • 4 VX110 51dB finished with white oak veneer panels
      • 2 double suspension elements just over 12m in length and a height of 3.35m with an offset double U-parking
      • 2 single suspension elements at 2.4 m length at a height of 2.8m – parking crosswise under track

Varikust® acoustic doors

  • 8 VK62 35dB finished with Jaxoleum pale oak panels
      • 2 single doors 900mm wide x 2600mm in height
      • 6 double doors 1650mm wide x 2600mm in height
Growthpoint completed Exxaro’s new corporate head offices in Centurion and Aluglass Bautech is very proud to have designed, supplied and installed our locally manufactured Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions and Varikust® acoustic doors for the Auditorium and Meeting Rooms.

At Exxaro 4 Variflex® mobile acoustic partition systems were installed to subdivide the Auditorium into 3 smaller areas and allowing two or more meetings can be held adjacent to one another in complete privacy. The individual elements were finished in a white oak veneer. 2 off the walls are just over 12 meters in length and have a height of 3350mm. If the entire area is required, the individual top-hung elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly in an offset double U-parking. The 2 smaller walls are 2400mm in length with a height of 2800mm. These are single suspension elements that park crosswise under track.

To complete the Acoustic Treatment Solution at Exxaro, 6 Varikust® acoustic double doors were also installed at the Auditorium. These doors give access to the individual Auditorium rooms from the foyer when the Variflex® acoustic partition is set up for smaller meetings or presentations.

2 more Varikust® acoustic single doors were installed in the Meeting Room area of Exxaro.

Aluglass Bautech provides technical backup with international design standards and assist at feasibility and design stage however large or small the project.

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