confidential space

Project: Evolve Hub Rosebank

Product specified:

  • 6 linear meters of GF Serene 45dB with a height of almost 3m – demountable and re-locatable acoustic glass partitioning finished with a melawood framing
  • HBS Nuklip – single and double hinged glass doors

Approximately 6 linear meters of the GF Serene acoustic demountable and re-locatable glass partition system was installed to create a confidential space for Evolve Hub in Rosebank.

This versatile system is quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. By using 1200mm modular panels with extra make-up panels, the system can be relocated in a new position.

To optimise the SOUND SOLUTION the GF Serene system integrates directly with the Aluglass Bautech Varikust® acoustic glass door. The specified finish was a melawood peen frame with glazed inserts.

confidential space

It is very important to remember that it is the complete system (not just acoustic glass) creates an acoustic system and those include:

  1. the correct glass specification,
  2. an engineered frame with correct seals to avoid any sound flow and
  3. the best acoustic door.

A single and a double glass door were also manufactured using the HBS Nuklip system for the Evolve Hub Offices.

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