legislature acoustics

Project: North West Province Legislature – Mafikeng

Product specified:

Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system (operable walls)

  • 3 VX110 48dB double suspension 4200 mm high finished with Belgotex Colour Rib Carpet incl doors with absorption panels

Varikust® acoustic doors

  • 14 VK105 48dB acoustic double doors finished in Crown Mahogany Veneer and viewing panels in the doors with a dimension of 1600mm wide x 2450mm high

Aluglass Bautech’s Variflex® mobile acoustic partition is a perfect example of a practical solution for the North West Province Legislature, where important assemblies are held. Some assemblies or meetings need a large space to accommodate the many people and some meetings need less space for fewer people. Here, the flexibility of the Variflex® system is ideal!

The existing large area is divided into 2 or more smaller areas by this partition system. Individual elements are sturdy and once locked and sealed into place, have a sound insulation of approximately 48dB. This enables meetings to be held simultaneously next to each other. When the full-sized room is required, the top-hung double suspension elements are easily moved on an overhead track – requiring no floor tracks, and positioned neatly into parking areas closed off with doors.



The large curved Variflex® acoustic partitions is almost 23 meters in length and the other 2 straight partition walls, are just under 15meters long. All have a height of 4.2meters. The specified finish was a Belgotex Colour Rib Carpet.

To complete the ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTIONS at the North West Legislature, 14 Varikust®VK105 acoustic doors with a sound insulation of 48dB were also installed. These acoustic double doors (1600mm wide x 2450mm high) are finished in a crown mahogany veneer with a viewing panel, enabling people to see, in or out of the room.

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