acoustic solution

Project: Accenture Waterfall Park

Products specified:

GF Serene 45 – approx. 186m GF Serene 45dB acoustic glass partitions with a height of 2.5m finished in black powder coating with black skirtings

Varikust® acoustic doors

  • 30 off Varikust® VK62G 35dB double glazed acoustic door (2485mm x 825mm)
  • 19 off Varikust® VK62 35dB single leaf door, finished in black melawood (2485mm x 825mm)
  • Varikust® VK62 35dB DOUBLE leaf door, finished with lacquered finish (Colour BLACK RAL9004) (2485mm x 1650mm)
  • Varikust® VK62 35dB single leaf door, finished with lacquered finish (Colour BLACK RAL 9004) (2700mm x 1250mm)4 off

Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions: overall 32m in length with a height of 2.7m finished with MOXIWall finish on one side and “Weavers World” design blazer fabric (colour:surrey) on other side

1 off Varifold® white melawood finished folding door (non-acoustic) (3400mm x 2700mm)


“Accenture is a leading global professional services company in South Africa providing a range of strategy, consulting, digital, technology & operations services …”

The NEW Accenture Office Building in Waterfall Park, entailed a diverse range of flexible ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTIONS to make the open-plan space more FUNCTIONAL for different sized conferences, various QUIET meeting rooms and PRIVATE office spaces. 

Aluglass Bautech installed approximately 186 running meters of GF Serene acoustic de-mountable partition system with a height of 2,5meters. This is the ideal acoustic internal glass partitions system, to create quiet and acoustic office spaces or meeting rooms within open plan applications.  An acoustic rating of 45dB was specified with black powder coated black profiles and the skirting finished in black. This versatile system is quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. By using 1200mm modular panels with extra make-up panels, the system can be relocated in a new position. The framing system can accommodate cable installations if required, and the glass panels, which are slid into place, are joined by 180 deg glass to glass joints are dry joined with a transparent VHB joining tape (not wet silicone).

The GF Serene system integrates directly with the Aluglass Bautech’s Varikust® VK63 acoustic door, which provides sound insulation of 35dB. These doors are available in single and double-door configurations.

Over 50 Varikust® VK63 acoustic doors were installed at Accenture. Of these doors, 30 were Varikust® VK62G 35dB double glazed acoustic door (2485mm x 825mm) and 19 were Varikust® VK62 35dB single leaf door, finished in black melawood (2485mm x 825mm).

To complete the ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTION, 4 Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions were installed in the ground floor meeting room area. This partition system permits flexible room layouts and subdivides meeting venues or conference facilities, only with an overhead track. Two or more areas can be used simultaneously without disrupting each other or a large area can be created with the individual elements being parked neatly to one side or into a niche. The 4 partition walls have an overall length of 32meters and a height of 2.7m. The individual elements are either finished with MOXIWall or “Weavers World” design blazer fabric – colour:surrey on other side.

A Varifold® NON-ACOUSTIC wooden folding door was also installed in this impressive office building. These concertina type doors are useful space savers and is used as a room divider. No floor track is required allowing for uninterrupted floor finish. The specification required a white melawood finished folding door with a width of 3400mm and a height of 2700mm.

Additional quality custom-made products were designed, manufactured and installed to complete this project. These included automated glass sliding doors, corrugated steel sliding doors and steel-framed sliding partitions with the individual size of 1100mm wide x 2700mm high, finished with MOXIWall finish, on one side and an acoustic fabric on the other side.

Aluglass Bautech will gladly assist with design requirements whilst fulfilling most acoustic needs. CONTACT US TODAY for your customised solution!

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