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2 Ways to improve Energy Efficiency in your Home

The cold winter days cannot be avoided, and the ongoing load shedding by ESKOM makes it all but a time to apply energy efficiency measures.

Measures to keep natural light and heat in, through window blinds and contain the warmth by closing off a room using the Varifold® wooden folding door, a combination that is simple, stylish and cost-effective.

Sustainable Energy Africa, has noted that energy efficient buildings should strive to maximise on the local climate in this case the sun, since the most popular way for heating and lighting depend on electricity or other forms of energy. Blinds are among the outstanding ways to control the lighting in a home at the same time, their versatility affords individuals the power to reduce heating bills in winter and cooling bills in summer.



A selection of Aluglass Bautech blinds have proven to have qualities that meet customer needs with a variety to choose from and added benefits of style and functionality, while other’s offer an eco-friendly range for the green and sustainable options.


The choice of blinds is also important in achieving the best results; therefore it is recommended to choose products that are intended to reduce energy and serve as an ideal solution for various internal and external applications designed for controlled heat and light.

Aluglass Bautech’s custom made blinds can be fixed or retractable. The operational systems include manual, motorised or remote-control and advanced time regulation or sun sensor systems are also available.


Varifold® folding door

Designers would agree that a home should be flexible enough to respond to the needs and changes of occupants.  Varifold® wooden folding doors are appealing aesthetically, with a wide range to choose from be it for that modern bold look or traditional, old-school feel to your home.


wooden folding door

Quality and flexibility, make them very effective when it comes to helping you insulate your room, as a result of selectively heating rooms.  For example, if more time is spent in a room that opens into other rooms like the kitchen or TV room, by adding the Varifold® wooden folding door to close off or partition, will keep the heat in the room at a comfortable temperature, subsequently you save on energy costs. However, it only works when that heat stays in a room, be it natural heat or from the use of a heater.

Varifold® wooden folding doors when closed will minimise what would have been a great loss of heat, since loss of warm air is attributed to both windows and doors, after the walls, roof and floor. Therefore, identifying and solving them can dramatically improve energy efficiency in your home.

house showing hot air escaping

According to Sustainable Energy Africa, “Buildings provide protection from the elements, give shelter and comfort. Regardless of the weather, the indoor temperature during the day and evening should ideally be in a range between 19°C and 25°C that is comfortable for the large majority of people.” And so, a combination of light and heat, well managed should result in the most comfortable space.

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