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The value of excellent acoustics in a venue cannot be underestimated. Just consider how much we enjoy a quiet moment, then think of how easily we get aggravated through noise! Sound does link intimately with our psychology.

Yet, the perceived inconvenience and cost of acoustic solutions often keep us away from making these valuable changes. There is this idea that you have to just go along with it: once your acoustic systems have been installed, you are stuck. Changing them would disrupt the delicate harmony that was created for your spaces. Once you go acoustic, you can’t go back!

This is not true, but it is easy to see where the conclusion comes from. Many acoustic systems are rigid, dictatorial and don’t allow any flexibility from the users’ side. Choose the right solutions, coupled with the best service and thinking, and you will find acoustics work for you, not against you.

Let’s look at examples of how flexible acoustic treatment solutions can be…

QUIET Glass Solutions

acoustic glass partitions

Light is arguably as important as sound, which is another reason why people avoid acoustic treatment. They automatically imagine a dark and stuffy room with foam padding all over the walls.

While that would make sense in some scenarios, you don’t have to choose between light and sound. You can have both. While most acoustic glass solutions tend to be for windows facing the exterior, you can do the same inside your space and change it as and when you desire.

Demountable acoustic glass partitions such as GF Serene Acoustic Glass are perfect for creating QUIET spaces without ruining the flow of light in the venue. These are quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall, thanks to modular elements and flexible frame components. Looking back at the open office, imagine creating a glass box, thus retaining that sense of openness, with added benefits of acoustic privacy through acoustic glass, framing and the complementary acoustic door.


QUIET Partition Flexibility


mobile acoustic partitions

Acoustic solutions can be used in many scenarios, but we will isolate our examples to two places: meeting rooms and open plan offices. This is because many of the challenges other places encounter are also found in these two locations. Both value space deeply, yet need to be flexible to accommodate change. Both need to work for their occupants, not against them.

A big complaint around acoustic treatment is that you need to isolate rooms in order for sound design to be effective. Not true: by using mobile acoustic partitions, a space can be changed as you need it. For example, a meeting room can be split in half or more, giving separate locations right next to each other, but without sound leaking across.

Our Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions not only create multi-function rooms, but are so easy to handle, it takes mere minutes to create a space that is private, comfy, intimate and, above all, sounds good.

mobile glass partition

Likewise, an open office can use mobile acoustic glass partitions to smoothly create meeting areas that offer privacy, then disassemble with ease to return the office to its original flow.


Acoustic doors in particular do not get the attention they deserve. This is because we think of doors as barriers, as ways to keep things out. There is a sense of finality to a door and it doesn’t appeal to us. In conference venues and open offices, doors often seem like a violation of the venue’s sensibilities. A door that seals and keeps sound away? Double so!

But acoustic doors are much more flexible than that. For example, it is possible to install an acoustic door as part of a mobile panel system. This means that when the panel is moved, the door goes with it. It also allows you to shift the panel and create a large entrance, or to use the door to ensure more privacy.

Think about it: if a customer wants an intimate configuration, which can be created with mobile partitions, would they really appreciate a massive entrance or will they prefer a dignified doorway, neatly crafted from noble materials such as wood? Our range of Varikust® acoustic doors and acoustic FIRE doors, have delivered on that promise again and again.

mobile acoustic partitions

One more mention: Absorption panels, these panels help deflect and absorb sound, dramatically altering the acoustics in a room. However, Absorption panels do not need to be nailed or glued to the wall. There are many modular panel components that make them easy to shift as you need. The Absorption panels can also double as artwork, making them even less intrusive, but attractive.

absorption panels

There is no need for finality with acoustic designs. With the right solutions, you can control and improve your space AND your sound. Without them, though, you face cacophonic environment and cramped rooms. Don’t let it get there. Find out how flexible and aesthetically pleasant modern acoustic treatments are!

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