acoustic partition with glass

Project: Metier

Product specified:

Variflex®  VX110 mobile acoustic partition 46dB double suspension finished with a 6mm safety mirror glass and white oak veneer slats.

Aluglass Bautech is proud to have designed, supplied and installed this beautiful Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system with mirrors at Metier.

The 6mm safety mirror glass with white oak veneer slats gives a new dimension to the room being divided into two areas.  When the Variflex® system is set up, the individual areas can be used at the same time, while allowing privacy in each room. If the complete area is required, the individual top-hung elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly to one side as seen in the photo.

This beautiful mirror finish on the individual acoustic partition elements has the ability to transform the look and feel of the room and enhances the size and brightness.

Aluglass Bautech assists at feasibility and design stage, manufactures locally in South Africa and has provided technical backup and product maintenance for 50 years.

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