East London Convention Centre

Project: East London International Convention Centre

The East London International Convention Centre (ELICC) features an auditorium, conference rooms, an exhibition area, a press room, restaurants and 2 boardrooms. The multi-functional Conference rooms are designed for conferencing, conventions and trade shows, and are able to accommodate up to 1500 delegates, where as the exhibition hall can accommodate up to 2100 delegates. (Courtesy of https://www.premierhotels.co.za/el-icc/)

Aluglass Bautech is extremely proud to have locally manufactured and installed Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system with integrated pass doors for the East London International Convention Centre. Having opened in 2010 the East London International Convention Centre (ELICC) is the only venue in East London and offers multiple venues with flexible configurations. Not only is the flexibility of utmost importance, but having the ability to host multiple events simultaneously is crucial for any convention centre.

The Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system with integrated pass doors offers several advantages for convention centres.

Here are some of them:

  • Flexibility: They can be easily moved and rearranged to create multiple configurations and spaces within the venue. This allows for customization based on the specific requirements of each event, whether it’s a large convention or a smaller conference.
  • Sound Control: Acoustic partitions are designed to control sound and minimize noise transfer between different areas of the convention centre. Two or more events can take place simultaneously without disturbing each other. This is particularly important in convention centres where multiple events, seminars, or meetings may be happening simultaneously.
  • Privacy: Mobile acoustic partitions can create private spaces within a convention centre. They can also be used to create smaller meeting rooms or breakout areas for more intimate discussions or sessions.
  • Accessibility: A pass door allows for easy access between divided spaces. It provides a designated entry point for people to move from one side of the partition to the other without the need to dismantle or move the entire partition. This is particularly important in convention centres where efficient circulation and accessibility are crucial.
  • Aesthetics: Acoustic partitions are available in a variety of designs, finishes, and materials. They can be customized to match the overall aesthetic of the convention centre, complementing its interior design. This ensures that the partitions not only serve a functional purpose but also enhance the visual appeal of the space.
  • Quick set-ups and configuration changes: Mobile acoustic partitions are designed for easy and quick set-ups. The top-hung elements move smoothly in an overhead track and allow for swift setup or change in configuration. This saves time and labour costs, enabling efficient use of the convention centre’s space.
  • Cost-Effective: Compared to permanent walls or fixed partitions, mobile acoustic partitions are a cost-effective solution. They offer the benefits of creating flexible spaces without the need for extensive construction work. Convention centres can adapt their layouts based on event requirements without incurring significant expenses.
  • Storage and Maintenance: Mobile acoustic partitions can be parked or stacked when not in use, making them easy to store. They also require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for convention centres with varying event schedules.
  • Safety and Emergency Exit: In the event of an emergency, a pass door in a mobile acoustic partition serves as an additional exit point. It can be easily accessed and used as an alternative evacuation route if the main exits are blocked or inaccessible. This enhances safety measures and ensures that people can evacuate efficiently if needed.

Below is a layout of the East London Convention Centre showing the mobile partition systems as dotted lines.

(Images and details courtesy of https://www.premierhotels.co.za/el-icc/conferencing/)

Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions with integrated passdoors provide a versatile and adaptable solution for convention centres, enabling efficient space utilization, sound control, and customization according to the specific needs of each event.

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