office refurbishment

Project: Deutsche Bank – Maude Street Sandton

Product specified:

  • Glassflex® GF Serene 40db & 45dB  demountable and re-locatable acoustic glass partitioning
  • Varikust® VK62 40dB single acoustic door
  • Absorption Panels – laser cut panels that surround ultra white back painted glass to be used as a writing board

The object of the refurbishment of the Deutsche Bank offices was to make the existing open-plan space more functional with new and existing meeting rooms, telephone booths and offices to provide a flexible acoustic solution.

Wendy Stevenson, the DSGN associate involved with this prestigious project, said their client, Deutsche Bank, has very specific design requirements with regard to the decibel ratings of meeting rooms, offices, phone booths and quiet rooms. “The challenge was to find a system that met these stringent design criteria, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately we were able to find such a solution with Aluglass Bautech, whose demountable glazed and solid partitioning system looks good, and meets the required dB ratings,” she concluded.

Three SOUND SOLUTION PRODUCTS were installed by Aluglass Bautech.

The Glassflex® GF Serene acoustic re-mountable and re-locatable partition system is the latest addition to the popular acoustic range of systems – designed to create quiet spaces within open-plan applications, and on this project 40dB and 45dB partitioning was used. This versatile system is quick and easy to install, remove and reinstall with modular glass elements and flexible frame components. By using 1200mm modular panels with extra make-up panels, the  system can be relocated in a new position. The framing system can accommodate cable installations if required, and the glass panels (which are slid into place) are joined by a silicon butt joint.  Decorative treatment of the glass is also possible. The GF Serene system integrates directly with the  Varikust® VK62 acoustic door, which provides sound insulation ranging from 32dB to 35dB. With a door leaf thickness of 62mm, these doors are available in single and double-door  configurations; the maximum size on the double door option is 1,5m wide x 2,4m high. Aluminium extrusions are available in standard colours – natural or bronze anodised or white powder-coated. Other colours are available on request, and door surface finishes are available in glass or natural wood veneers like oak, maple, beech and mahogany.

👇Below (SOUND ON PLEASE) you can watch the sound test video done at the Deutsche Bank Sandton demonstrating the effective acoustic insulation of our Glassflex® GF Serene in combination with the Varikust® acoustic door.👇

The slotted wood veneer absorption panels used on this project reduce unwanted reflections and echoes, making them ideal for use in offices, auditoria, listening rooms, home theatres and many similar applications. The noise-reduction coefficient ranges from 0.5 to 0.85, depending on the panel  thickness. Finishes available include natural wood veneers with laser-cut slots and screen fabrics.

These particular panels were mostly 900mm x 900mm modular sized 3mm MDF laser cut panels, finished in a high glass duco white. The cladding also included an ultra-white back-painted glass that can be used as a writing board in meetings.

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