acoustic partitions and doors

Project: Deloitte River Creek- Waterfall City

Architect:     Paragon Architects

Contractor:   WBHO-G5 Deloitte JV

Product specified:

Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions (operable walls)

13 VX110 51dB finished with 6mm extra white TSG glass and fabric panels and with veneers

    • In total over 90 meters of Variflex® acoustic partitions with a height of 3 meters were specified

Varikust® acoustic doors and Varikust® acoustic FIRE doors

    • 2 VK62 43dB double doors 1900mm wide x 2995mm in height finished in a walnut veneer
    • 3 VK62 43dB double doors 1000mm wide x 2300mm in height finished in a walnut veneer
    • 1 VK105F 48dB acoustic FIRE door 900mm wide x 2100mm in height with a 2-hour fire rating

“… The new Deloitte premises consists of a ground floor with six stories of offices and four basement parking levels including nearly 2 000 parking bays. … It is located in a prime location, right next to the Allandale interchange just off the N1 highway.

The building includes a number of exciting features, including:

  • An auditorium, canteen, coffee shop, client meeting rooms, internal meeting rooms, a greenhouse, as well as other interactive spaces to enable optimal client and team engagement
  • Open-plan architecture that encourages collaboration between service lines
  • Innovative collaboration spaces, equipped with cutting edge technology to drive a culture of teamwork
  • A business place that our people and clients from all over Africa will find welcoming….”

 (The above information was taken from

Aluglass Bautech is very proud and excited to have designed, supplied and installed Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions and Varikust® acoustic doors and Varikust® acoustic FIRE doors for Deloitte’s River Creek.

acoustic partition and doors

Variflex® mobile acoustic partition systems were installed to subdivide larger meeting rooms into smaller areas and allowing two or more meetings to be held adjacent to one another in complete privacy. If the entire area is required, the individual top-hung elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly in offset U-parking’s.

Most individual elements were finished with 6mm extra white TSG glass, others with fabric and veneers. 3 VX110 acoustic partition walls are over 10 meters in length and have a height of 3 meters. The other 10 smaller walls varied from 8.4 meters to 2 meters, all with a height of 3 meters.

To complete the Acoustic Treatment Solution at Deloitte’s River Creek, 6 various sized Varikust® acoustic doors were also installed. These included 5 Varikust® VK62 43dB finished in Walnut Veneer and 1 Varikust® VK105F 48dB acoustic FIRE with a 2-hour fire rating finished in MDF matt spray painted on hinge side and 0.9mm SS430 Rimex Rigidized 5WL on the non-hinge side.

Aluglass Bautech provides technical backup with international design standards and assist at feasibility and design stage however large or small the project.

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