quiet space in a home

Project: Variflex® & Varikust® at Private Residence – Blair Atholl Estate

Product specified:

Variflex® mobile acoustic partition VX83 system finished with white melawood

Varikust® acoustic double door VK62 system finished with white melawood


Open-plan living has been a huge trend for years. Merged cooking, eating and living spaces are now standard in most new builds. Even bedrooms and bathrooms are being combined into a single room. But slowly the trend is turning. Places of quiet retreat are now high on the wish list especially in combined working or study spaces in a home.

These spaces should be well designed and able to utilise the best of the overall room in their function. Open spaces give you a lot of configuration options, while mobile acoustic partitions can segment that space and still control how sound behaves. Any space can be quickly configured for different uses without losing any acoustic control nor spoiling the existing décor and with Variflex® Mobile Acoustic Partitions you can redefine the space and sound.

It does not help if the you have an acoustic partition system and sound enters the room through the door. Doors play an integral role in controlling the movement of sound into a room. Varikust® Acoustic Doors are the answer! These doors are finished in melawood and effectively stop noise from getting through the usual gaps around a door. Again, it is not just the actual door that is important, but the frame too!

Don’t ever feel forced in choosing between good looks and good sound again!

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