Training room acoustics

Project: Trencon Construction Training Room

Product specified:

Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system (operable walls)

  • 2 VX83 40dB single suspension 2600 mm high finished with Melawood grey peen

Aluglass Bautech’s Variflex® mobile acoustic partition is a perfect solution for training sessions, to be held simultaneously next to each other at the Trencon Offices. The training room is divided into 2 rooms by 2 mobile acoustic partition systems. Individual elements are sturdy and once locked and sealed into place, have a sound insulation of approximately 40dB. When the full-sized room is required, the top-hung single suspension elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly to one side – requiring no floor tracks.

2 Variflex® acoustic partitions were installed. One was just over 6000mm in length and the other just over 3000mm. Both had a height of 2600 mm. The specified finish was a Melawood grey peen.

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