Project: The Capital On The Park Sandton

Product specified:  

Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions

        • Approx. 35 meters of 4m high VX110 48dB finished with Vulcan Fabric.
        • Approx. 23 meters of 3m high VX110 48dB finished with Vulcan Fabric.

Varikust® acoustic doors

        • 8 various sized VK105 44dB acoustic doors were specified finished in Ash Veneer that were stained by others.

The Capital On The Park conference centre has a maximum capacity of 500 delegates as well as 4 boardrooms. Aluglass Bautech is delighted to have designed, supplied and installed the Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system and Varikust® acoustic doors for this multi-functional business resort with cosmopolitan lifestyle. (information and photos courtesy of


Approximately 35 meters of our VX110 Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system with a height of 4 meters and approximately 23 meters of the same system, but with a height of 3m, were locally designed, manufactured and installed to subdivide the conference area at The Capital On The Park into practical sized spaces . The Vulcan fabric finish of the individual elements matches the conference centres décor and professional ambiance. When the complete area for 500 delegates is needed, the individual top hung elements are neatly stacked away and the complete open space is utilised.

The Variflex ®mobile acoustic partition system:

    • Permits flexible room layouts
    • Subdivides meeting venues or conference facilities
    • Allows complete privacy in rooms
    • No floor track – only an overhead track
    • Elements are parked neatly to one side or into a niche

To complete the acoustic treatment solution at The Capital On The Park, Varikust® acoustic doors were specified as entrance doors to the conference spaces. These doors help create a suitable environment for effective communication and privacy.

Varikust® acoustic doors:

    • minimise sound transmission
    • maintain privacy by preventing sound leakage
    • optimise the audio experience within conference rooms
    • reduce distractions and external disturbances, thus promoting productivity

Aluglass Bautech provides technical backup with international design standards and assist at feasibility and design stage for your hotel and conference centre.

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