acoustic fire doors

Project: South African Banknote Company

Contractor:         SOLAID (Pty) Ltd                              

Product specified:

“When the decision was made in 1958 to print South African banknotes domestically rather than abroad as was the practice at the time, the Bank and a British banknote printer, Bradbury Wilkinson, established as a joint venture company, the South African Bank Note Company (Pty) Ltd, with the sole objective of printing banknotes for South Africa.  Suitable factory premises for printing banknotes were erected and the domestic production of banknotes commenced in 1961.”(Courtesy of

Fire doors are a crucial part of safety design for buildings. A fire door serves two purposes: it separates the fire and its gasses from people trying to escape the blaze, and it limits the fire’s expansion, making it easier to control and extinguish.

Aluglass Bautech is proud to have worked with the contractors, Solid (Pty) Limited, at the South African Banknote Company (SABN) in Pretoria. Honoured to have been awarded the manufacturing, supply and installation of 3 Varikust® acoustic FIRE doors (VK105F) and 1 Fire rated acoustic Window.

The VK105F double door (2440mm high x 1800mm wide) has an acoustic rating of 48dB and a fire rating of 120minutes.  The VK105F was finished with Rimex platinum rigidized 5WL SS430 and required a door loop fitted with an electric lock and an additional 300mm high x 100mm wide viewing panel. The other single VK105F doors had the same specifications as the double door, except that only one door had a viewing panel. To complete the contract a FIRE RATED ACOUSTIC WINDOW was also installed at SABN. This window has a specification of 44dB (Rw’), a fire rating of 120min and was 1200mm high x 900mm wide.

Strict national building regulations insist that buildings are designed, constructed and adequately equipped for unforeseen events such as fires. These ACOUSTIC FIRE DOORS provide the correct fire protection and they effectively stop noise from getting through the usual gaps around a door.

Do not compromise the safety and protection of your employees and property.

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