flexible acoustic solutions

Project: DIRCO – Pretoria

Product specified:

Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions (operable walls)

  • Conference rooms: approx. 26m long x 6m high VX110 51dB system finished with American Walnut veneer and back-painted glass
  • Multi-function rooms (internal): 78m long x 3,5m high VX80 47dB system finished with Duco matt spray painted base panel plus absorption surface with panel fabric, back-painted glass and brushed stainless steel kick rail
  • Multi-function rooms (external): approx. 64m long x 3,5m high VX80 44dB system
  • VIP dining room: approx. 6m long x 2,7m high VX80 44dB system

The 150 000 m2 construction of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s (DIRCO) started in May 2007 and was completed in 2009. The building welcomes the world’s dignitaries to South Africa and effectively showcases DIRCO to promote national interests. The integrated facility houses a vast range of specially purposed spaces that demanded both adaptability and versatility to accommodate the various hierarchical and functional activities specific to the department.

Aluglass Bautech is extremely proud to have been part of this iconic building and having provided our locally manufactured flexible acoustic solution – numerous Variflex® mobile acoustic partition systems .

The Variflex® system (or operable wall system) has various advantages, that any multi-functional conference and office building requires:

          • Specified acoustic properties and sound control
          • Flexible room layouts for efficient space utilisation
          • Different finishes available to suit the décor and design of the building
          • No floor track required
          • Easy to move for setting up and parking away individual top-hung elements
          • Technical backup and international design standards
          • Refurbishments and new buildings
          • Assist at feasibility and design stage
          • Maintenance and services available 
          • Service areas include South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa

Aluglass Bautech provides technical backup with international design standards and assist at feasibility and design stage however large or small the project. We can assist you too with your FLEXIBLE ACOUSTIC SOLUTION requirements.

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