glass bricks

Project: Glass Bricks at Residence Cunningham

Product specified:

  • 225  Flemish 198 glass bricks  (190mm x 190mm x 80mm )were installed at this private residence in a security complex.

“We wanted to enclose the patio to convert it into a useable living area. The theme is very African Bush with natural wood and leather. I wanted something  to let in as much natural light as possible but was totally weatherproof and provide some privacy (we’re in a complex) as well – but had to keep in with the theme.

Your glass bricks provided the ideal solution.” Mark Cunningham – owner



  • Glass Bricks are trendy and in fashion.
  • Glass Bricks offer privacy and security.

  • Glass Bricks create separation walls between spaces.

  • Glass Bricks are Eco-Friendly and offer energy saving, fire resistance, safety, thermal and sound insulation .

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