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5 Reasons To Consider Frameless Shower Doors

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? Frameless shower doors are practical, sophisticated, and stylish. Here are the benefits…

It is a bit of a modern myth that good hygiene – especially when it comes to rinsing yourself – is a new idea. There is plenty of evidence to show that baths and showers, in one form or another, have existed for thousands of years. For example, the Minoans of over 3,000 years ago took a lot of time and effort with their water and bath systems.

Likewise, the tradition to turn a bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation is as old: just look at the beautiful bathhouses of the ancient Greek, Roman and Indus Valley civilisations. But there is one thing they never had and would have loved to own: the frameless glass shower door. Here’s why:

It is very stylish

It is called the ‘bathroom’, but more and more this area is being identified for its shower. Showers are terrific and even the ancient Romans, known for spending their time in bathhouses, not only had showers but loved using them. A shower represents all that a great bathroom should be: relaxation, timelessness and a cocoon of sanctuary from the busy world around us.

frameless shower doors

In this scenario frameless glass shower doors are a perfect fit. The lack of hard edges and cold metal allows light to stream across the room, making it feel bigger. Frameless glass doors also show off the tile work in the shower, adding to the experience before you’ve even gotten your head wet.

It is very strong

One common misconception about frameless glass shower doors is that they are fragile and may even be dangerous. This couldn’t be further from the truth: frameless glass doors are made from sturdy material and can be quite thick. If you ever had the unfortunate luck to trip and fall, it won’t be through one of these. All materials conform to prescribed safety standards and manufacturing specifications according to SASEMA. (South African Shower Enclosure Manufacturers Association)

The lack of a frame also means there is far less metal in the shower. This reduces corrosion and the inevitable replacement of metal in your bathroom. It also adds value to your property, not only in reducing maintenance, but your bathroom looks better for longer – one less thing to worry about during the Open House.

Same design – separate private spaces

Bathrooms are usually not giant spaces, which can make some design tasks a bit tricky. Often a person would like the toilet space to be separate and you can achieve this with the same glass and frameless design as your shower door.

frameless shower doors
Frameless bathroom design showing shower and a separate toilet enclosure

Now, you can have your privacy by having the toilet in a separate space and it allows a second household member to use the bath/shower portion without the downside of privacy, odour, etc…

Less mildew

The curse of a bathroom is mildew. You can scrub and clean the surfaces all the time and yet fungi of all sorts will make their way into the cracks and crevices. What can we say: you have to tip your hat at the resilience of nature when finding places to thrive.

Shower doors are not exempt: the metal frame on a traditional door is prone to capture water, which in turn creates nice homes for mold and mildew. Cleaning those edges is a real chore and a prime reason why many showers start looking a bit dingy. But frameless glass shower doors don’t have those hard-to-reach spots. They are very easy to clean, and the smoothed edges make sure there is no chance of cutting yourself while doing so. The design also uses rubber seals, so water doesn’t leak into the rest of the room, thus reducing even more potential mildew areas.

frameless shower doors

It is made to fit

Let’s not beat around the bush here: if you are considering a frameless glass shower door, you are not installing a shower at a commune. Such a door is an investment, so you are clearly spending some time and effort to improve your washroom facilities. In other words, you are not looking for what is cheap, but what is right.

Frameless glass doors are made to order, so you don’t have to design your entire shower around the door – or order the door and then hope it will fit. A good frameless glass shower door is a perfect fit every time.

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