Variflex® mobile acoustic GLASS partitions

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Need flexibility, space optimisation and the natural flow of light?

Variflex® mobile acoustic GLASS partitions permit flexible room layouts and subdivide classrooms, meeting venues or offices, only with an overhead track. Two or more areas can be used simultaneously without disrupting each other or a large area can be created with the individual elements being parked neatly to one side or into a niche. An acoustic rating range from DnTw = 40dB to 48dB is available (Please note: the updated acoustic sound level testing method is an in-situ measurement of the Standardised Level Difference according to ISO 162283-1 2014, analysed according to weighted Standardised Level Difference, DnTw, according to ISO 717-1).

Uncertain about different Acoustic Ratings and what they mean? Read all about it in our blog “Understanding Acoustic Ratings: STC vs Rw vs DnTw”

Product Features
  • Acoustic rating from DnTw = 40dB to 48dB
  • Permits flexible room layouts
  • Subdivides meeting venues or offices
  • Allows complete privacy in rooms
  • No floor track – only an overhead track
  • Elements are parked neatly to one side or into a niche
  • Automated horizontal seals available (electric drive operation)
  • Technical backup and international design standards
  • Assist at feasibility and design stage
Acoustic Overview

Acoustic Overview - where noise travels between two rooms

Technical Details

Variflex® GLASS element examples

mobile acoustic glass partiitons mobile acoustic glass partiitons

Element types

Variflex types of elements

Suspension details

suspension details without dB

Aluglass Bautech provides a variety of track and element parking arrangement. Below some examples, but other options are possible to satisfy customer requirements.

variflex parking layout examples

Layout examples

Layout example at Umhlanga Ridgeside & Multiply Offices

example drawing of VX Glass


Layout example at ‘Am Weinberg’ (courtesy of ‘Am Weinberg’)

mobile acoustic glass partiitons


  • Hotels
  • Boardrooms
  • Offices
  • Training rooms
  • Education facilities – schools, universities, colleges
  • Places of worship
  • Community facilities
Acoustic Rating Table

Understanding noise

Understanding noise and dB ratings

Acoustic rating selection table

Acoustic rating selection table

Natural wood venners or melawood finished frames with acoustic glass panels.

Natural wood veneers: Maple, Beech, Cherry, Etimoe, Kiaat, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood, Walnut, Wenge (stains, waxes and oils can also be applied)

NOTE: Owing to the processes of nature, colour samples may differ considerably from the original. Should you want to match an existing colour, we recommend staining to a sample.

Melawood finishes include

Special requirements can be accommodated. Please contact us for your design needs.

Specification Text

Aluglass Bautech Variflex® mobile acoustic GLASS (operable wall) partition, _________mm width x _________mm high to suit structural opening size __________mm width x ________mm high, comprising of tongued and grooved acoustically decoupled 40dB to 48dB DnTw (in-situ measurement of the Standardised Level Difference according to ISO 162283-1 2014, analysed according to weighted Standardised Level Difference, DnTw, according to ISO 717-1)] rated glass panels framed with ________________________ (natural veneer or melawood) finish, with mechanically retractable top and bottom seals and vertical seals formed of aluminium extrusions with lip seals and magnetic strips, panels suspended at (one roller trolley / two roller trolley) per panel on track with ball bearing and/or thrust rollers with track bolted to suspension plates in turn bolted to (concrete / timber / steel) support structure and __________mm high bulkhead fitted to and above track in ceiling void. Panels are to park (crosswise under track / U-parking) with panels stacking (one side / two sides).

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