Varifold® non-acoustic wooden folding doors

Is your space to small and cramped to swing open a normal door? Do you need a solution that is compact but not acoustic?

Varifold® NON-ACOUSTIC wooden folding doors are useful for space saving both in commercial and residential applications. Used as room dividers, serving hatches and as cupboard or bathroom doors. No floor track is required allowing for uninterrupted floor finish. A wide range of natural wood veneers and melawoods are available to suit your décor.

Product Features
  • Space saving doors
  • Single leaf door : stacks neatly either on one side
  • Double leaf door : stacks neatly to both sides
  • NO floor track is required for uninterrupted floor finish
Technical Details
  • Single door – maximum: 4400mm wide x 2720mm high 
  • Double door – maximum: 8300mm wide x 2720mm high
  • Wider doors on request
  • Weighs approximately 20kg per m²
  • Segments are suspended from an anodized aluminum track via ball bearing rollers
  • Classic style: segments hinged full height by an aluminium extrusion without wooden inserts
  • Elegance style: segments hinged full height by an aluminium extrusion with wooden inserts to match wood finish
  • optional heavy duty lock
  • Steel support can be supplied and installed as an extra if required
  • NB! Varifold extrusions cannot be powder coated due to the fact that the rollers will stick.
Projects completed
    • Bytes
    • Michaelangelo Towers Sandton
    • Hatfield Square
    • LG
    • Unisa Music Room
    • Altron
    • Tiso Bryanston
    • Gauteng Gambling Board
    • Ramin Holdings
    • Douglasdale Retirement Village
    • Village Walk HD
    • Kyocera Hertford
    • Eco Fusion 5 Block B
    • Wirtgen Pomona
    • New Youth Shul Centre

and many more…..

Single and double door drawing
Single Varifold® wooden folding door

wooden folding door

Double Varifold® wooden folding door

wooden folding door

How to measure a folding door

You will need:

  1. Metal tape measure
  2. Sketch pad or Varifold® Measurement template
  3. Pencil

folding door measurement

Measure the widths

    • Single doors – max width: 4400mm (stacking to one side only)
    • double doors – max width: 8300mm (stacking to both sides opening in the middle)

Note: This requires a clear width with no obstructions in the door opening


Measure the height (max height: 2720mm)

Note: This requires a clear height with no obstructions in the door opening


Commercial applications
  • Conference facilities
  • Auditoria
  • Training rooms
  • Education facilities – schools, universities, collages (room dividers)
  • Boardrooms
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Places of worship
  • Pubs
  • Executive dining rooms
  • Community centers
  • Hospitality facilities
Residential applications
  • Lounges and dining rooms
  • Kitchens and dining rooms
  • Bathroom, bedroom or cupboard doors
  • Serving hatches

Woodcentre Melawood Range

Natural wood veneers: Maple, Beech, Cherry, Etimoe, Kiaat, Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood, Walnut, Wenge (stains, waxes and oils can also be applied)

NOTE: Owing to the processes of nature, colour samples may differ considerably from the original. Should you want to match an existing colour, we recommend staining to a sample.


Other finishes on request

Specification Text

Aluglass Bautech Varifold® wooden folding door (SINGLE LEAF / DOUBLE LEAF), model (CLASSIC / ELEGANCE) will have a clear opening of

 _______________________mm high x ________________mm wide finished with ______________________________________________ (Natural wood veneers include: White Oak, Crown Mahogany, Pink Beech, Walnut, African Rosewood, Imbuia, Etimoe, Cherry & Maple  – other veneers available on request / white Woodcentre Laminate Peen Range (a smooth stipple)).

A steel beam is required: YES / NO. If yes, ________________mm in width is needed.

A heavy duty hook lock is required: YES / NO.

Door suspension and vertical section drawing
Varifold® suspension
wooden folding door


Vertical section of a Varifold® wooden folding door

wooden folding door

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