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Project: Waterfall Corporate Campus

Product specified:

“Waterfall Corporate Campus is a secure 35 000m2 office park, located on a highly visible site on the corner of Waterfall Drive and Lethabo Close. Its success as one of the preferred corporate destinations in Gauteng has much to do with the flexibility it offers clients to customise spaces or subdivide according to their individual needs. The development comprises seven buildings of ±5 500m2 and enjoys the added benefit of a central restaurant and two wifi-enabled 50-seater conference facilities for use by campus clients.” (https://waterfall.co.za/work/waterfall-corporate-campus/#)

acoustic partition

Aluglass Bautech is proud to have designed, supplied and installed diverse range of flexible ACOUSTIC TREATMENT SOLUTIONS to make the conference facility more FUNCTIONAL for different sized events. The Variflex® mobile acoustic partition system permits flexible room layouts and subdivides the facility while allowing privacy in each room. If the complete area is required, the individual top-hung elements are easily moved on an overhead track and positioned neatly to one side as seen below in the drawing. The individual elements are finished with Vulcan Fabric to suits the décor of the area. The matching Absorption Panels improve speech intelligibility, reduce sound reverberation and general noise levels. This makes understanding the words spoken much easier and does not strain the speaker’s voice nor the listeners.

absorption panel drawing

To complete the Acoustic Treatment Solution, 2 Varikust® acoustic double doors were installed to the facility.

Aluglass Bautech provides technical backup with international design standards and assist at feasibility and design stage however large or small the project.

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