Solamark® fabric awnings

Would you like to enjoy your outside area and be protected from the harsh African sun? 

Extend your Solamark® fabric awning on a hot and sunny day, and retract it to enjoy stargazing at night. 

Our fixed awnings are perfect for doorways and windows, and our adjustable awnings provide shade and protection from the sun over patios, decks, and other outdoor living areas.

Never worry about the weather again! We can install automated control units to extend and retract your adjustable awnings depending on weather conditions.

Product Features
  • custom made fixed & retractable fabric awnings to extend or enclose an outdoor area
  • acrylic fabrics have been impregnated with TEFLON ®-this creates a barrier effect and reinforces the water repellence of the fabric and delays the adherence of soil onto the fabric
Solamark® Range
  • retractable
    • FAI (retractable fold arm)
    • pergola
  • fixed
    • wedge
    • fixed screens

Solux® external blinds available as drop screens awnings – click here for more information

Solamark® awning maximum sizes

fabric awning

Technical details
  • fold-arm aluminium frames are available in matt stone grey (ANP37030) powder coating or any other powder coating colour on special request
  • fixed awnings frames are supplied in mill-finish aluminium or powder coating on special request
  • Disperse, absorb and reflect UV rays.
  • Unsurpassable colour stability.
  • High resistance to light and atmospheric conditions.
  • Maximum resistance to shrinking, tearing and stretching.
  • Maximum resistance to atmospheric pollution.
  • Permeability to air and water repellency.
  • Extensive range of colours and patterns
Fabric options and availability are limited due to low stock levels in Europe influenced by delayed manufacturing caused by Covid. We will try our very best to supply the colour of your preference. Thank you for understanding!


Operation types (retractable awnings)
  • manually operated with a crank handle
  • motorized models which operate with an electric motor and switch or remote (Becker drives and switches)
  • retractable awnings can be linked to a home / business automation system (Becker)
How to measure a fold-arm awning

You will need:

  1. Metal tape measure
  2. Sketch pad or Solamark® FAI Measurement template
  3. Pencil

fabric awning

  1. Measure the width (A) (maximum 6m)
    • Note: This requires a clear span with no obstructions. Be sure light fixtures, down pipes, etc. are not in the way.
  2. Measure the projection (B) (maximum of 3m)
  3. Measure the mounting height (C)
    • Note: the awning will require about 30cm of mounting space
  • patios
  • decks
  • windows
  • doors
  • lapas
  • restaurants
  • privacy screens for hotel corridors
  • canteens
  • any outside area
How to care for your awning
  • remove dirt by carefully brushing or vacuum-cleaning the fabric
  • occasionally use a water and soft soap solution to clean the fabric (maximum temperature of the water: 30 ºC)
  • apply the soapy solution onto the fabric and rinse thoroughly with water
  • allow the fabric to dry completely before rolling up the awning
  • refrain from using solvents or abrasive detergents


Specification Text
Retractable awnings

Aluglass Bautech® Solamark® retractable awning (FAI / Pergola) will have a

__________mm extension / drop x ______________mm height finished with (white / light grey/ ______________________) powder coating and fabric specification: __________________________________________________.

Awning will be operated by crank / motorised with switch or remote / integrated into the automation system.

A pelmet is required. (yes / no)


Fixed  awnings           

Aluglass Bautech® Solamark® fixed awning (Wedge / Fixed Screen) will have a ____________mm extension x _____________mm height x __________mm width

finished in mill aluminium / ______________________ powder coating and a fabric specification: _________________________________________.

Replace or recover an awning?

Do you have a fabric awning that has given you wonderful protection from the harsh sun over the years? Does it unfortunately look like you need a new one, or can the fabric be replaced, and the moving parts serviced?

fabric awning

If your awning is looking old and worn, when should it be repaired and when replaced? Unfortunately, there are no set rules when an awning should be repaired and when it needs to be replaced. Of course, repairing not only costs less, but is also environmentally friendlier. General fabric recover and maintenance of parts will mostly be covered but when the frame of your awning is no longer in a good condition and it is damaged, we would recommend replacing the awning, since an accident is likely to happen.



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