Glass bricks

Do you have a dark area where you would like natural light to pass through and provide a level of privacy?

Our stylish glass bricks make the building of a ‘greener’ tomorrow start today. A combination of energy saving, fire resistance, safety, insulation, privacy and design give the best solution creating facades, partition walls or simple decorative elements that enhance style, colour and light. They can be added to any interior or exterior, residential or commercial project in order to obtain the desired ‘look and feel’.

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 If you have a tender that requires more than 100 sq.m. (2500 glass bricks) , please do contact us with your specification details.

Product Features
  • Energy saving: The building of a ‘greener’ tomorrow starts today with the choice of smart materials.
  • Resistance: Protect all the buildings from fire with fireproof glass blocks.
  • Safety: for all those applications which need a high safety level.
  • Insulation: create a more comfortable and functional environment with glass bricks insulation properties.
  • Privacy: even where there is a need for privacy, there is a need for natural light.
  • Design: a definition of space with a harmonic combination of colours, light, shapes and textures.
  • Tailor made: the most prestigious projects realised in glass bricks.
Technical details
198 Glass Brick Technical Specs

glass bricks

248 Glass Brick Technical Specs

glass bricks

  • thermal insulation – the “thermal bridges” created by gaps between glass bricks are reduced
  • compressive strength – only excellent quality raw materials and a manufacturing process that dedicates special attention to sealing and annealing can guarantee high compressive strength in glass bricks
  • thermal endurance – thermal shock is one of the most stringent tests that glass bricks must undergo to verify their strength and resistance
  • light transmission – transparency, one of the most important features of glass bricks, creates different effects in relation to the many possible combinations that can be made using different patterns, shapes, finishes and colours
  • sound insulation – features such as mass and the internal air space guarantee that glass bricks offer a high level of sound insulation, even superior to that of brick walls of identical thickness
  • fire resistance and reaction – glass, by its nature, tends to break quickly when subjected to thermal shock, glass brick structures offer a good level of safety – they constitute an effective fire barrier
  • internal pressure – the pressure inside glass bricks is lower than the atmospheric pressure – in the event of breakage, the glass fragments tend to converge towards the inside (implosion) of the glass bricks instead of being projected outwards (explosion)
Projects supplied with glass bricks
  • Discovery Uppark
  • St Raphael Apartments
  • The Core Sandton
  • Wits
  • Total House Rosebank
  • and many residential homes
  • Homes: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, entrance halls, corridors, partition walls, staircases
  • Offices: entrances, offices, canteens, staircases, feature walls
  • Restaurants: it is necessary to dedicate the utmost attention to details in order to create a friendly and refined atmosphere which can give a complete emotional experience stimulating all the senses.
  • Commercial buildings usually have very large and bright spaces; therefore architectural materials that let daylight in are the ideal solution for such type of structures.
Installation methods
Cement and mortar installation method

Glass brick installation

Quicktech installation method

glass bricks

Vetroquick installation method

glass bricks installation

Specification Text



Glass bricks will cover an area of ________________mm high x _____________mm wide or __________________________sq.m with ____________________________________ (glass brick description / name / size).


Common installation method will be with ‘Cement and mortar’ or ‘Quicktech system’.

Specific imported installation method will be with ‘Vetroquick system’.

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