absorption panels

Project: University of Pretoria

Over the years Aluglass Bautech is proud to have manufactured, supplied and installed many Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions and other sound solution products for various departments and residences at the University of Pretoria.

For instance a Variflex® VX83 (47dB) mobile acoustic partition with a height of 3.2m and 5m in length was put in at Onderstepoort  and a Variflex® VX83 (47dB) with a length more than 15m, was installed for the Science Department at the University. At the Kingsway residence a Variflex® VX110 (48dB) was fitted. This partitions height was over 4,4m with a length of 22,5m. More recently a Variflex® VX83 (44dB) was installed at the Engineering Department. 

Additionally to the various Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions installed, the University required Absorption Panels with laser cut slots for lecture rooms.


Variflex® mobile acoustic partitions can be easily be manoeuvred and arranged to create 2 or more smaller areas, where lectures or classes can be held concurrently without disturbing one another or elements are moved to park away neatly on the side or into a niche, so the space is open for numerous students or as the area is needed.  This system has no floor track, which allows for an uninterrupted floor finish.

Not hearing the lecture next door is great, but what about the intelligibility within the lecture room? To complete the SOUND SOLUTION, laser cut absorption panels were installed along the back walls reducing unwanted reflections and echo’s. The lecturer or professor does not have to strain his voice and the students benefit from understanding the lecturer or professor.

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